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Version Notes


Fixed a bug that instantly killed the dragon boss if you throw the bone at him. [Luigivania]


8 Stages, 7 new backgrounds, secrets, and more!

Beta v.4.0

Stage 4 is now playable...that's all :o

Beta v.3.0

Stage 3 is now playable, Link says OH! and turns brown when he is getting hurt, savepoints added, extended credits list added, 8-bit music added - so it should sound more like a gameboy.

Beta v.2.0

Stage 2 is now playable, Better Quality sounds, fixed the elevator problem, better quality pictures, changed texts, credit list added, longer PENISH range.

Beta v.1.2

The wall breaks when the king eats them, remade how flying platform works, changed flying block speed, reduced gravity when jumping.

Beta v.1.1

Robotnik Icon instead of a ball.

Beta v.1.0

Includes the first stage.